Sex Work is Work

Melissa began pole dancing in 2018, and quickly became fascinated with all the shapes and lines that can be formed between one’s body and the pole. She is inspired by dancers, strippers and sex workers.

Inspired by Travels

As an avid traveler and painter, Melissa brings a set of paints wherever she ventures. This selection of work has either been painted en plein air or derived from photographs of the numerous countries and cities she has visited.

Land Formations

This impressionistic watercolor and ink series has been inspired by land formations Melissa has photographed across the country. Each painting represents a specific state, and the colors are either based on reality or imagination. Seeking to explore new ground by freeing up her watercolor technique, she has created several watercolor and ink paintings to showcase here.

Abstract Rock Studies

Melissa has observed tide pools and rock formations all over the world, especially off the California coast. She collects rocks and shells, while photographing larger boulders and observing all forms of life. She has been inspired by such rock patterns and natural markings to create this selection of abstract art.


This series of portraits includes those done from live models and photographs, as well as self-portraits.


In this series, Melissa aims to achieve the most stunning color combinations possible. She has always found the varying forms and shapes of flowers to be cathartic to paint.

Wood Paintings

This series is comprised of acrylic paintings on wood, protected with three layers of gloss varnish. Each painting is meticulously hand-crafted on varying shapes and sizes of basswood, birch and collected driftwood. Most items are on sale.

Superhero Tarot Cards

Inspired by a friend’s affinity for spirituality and Marvel superheroes, Melissa became motivated to intertwine the two. She researched original Tarot card designs, replacing people with beloved comic book characters. All paintings are 4” x 6” and made with watercolor and ink.

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