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Lewis & Jean Wolff Collection

Rock Study #1 

J. Ries Collection

Saguaro, 2019.

S.J. Locklin Collection

Temporary Loans:

Oia, Santorini, 2018.

Rock Studies 2-6, 2018.

Still Life #3, 2017.

Jumbo Rocks #1, 2018.

Antiparos, 2018.

Portrait of Sam, 2019.

J. Hurvitz Collection

Arizona, 2015.

Louisiana, 2015.

Mexican Proverb Panel, 2017.

J. Hui Collection

John Muir Panel, 2017

A. Hua & A. Imperial Collection

Superhero Tarot Cards.

Alex and Anna, 2021.

art education

OTIS Continuing Education Program


Painterly Painting with Linda Jacobson


Painterly Painting with Linda Jacobson


Master Painting Course with Laddie John Dill

Painterly Painting with Linda Jacobson


Life Drawing with Beverly Bledsoe.

Workshops with Linda Jacobson

Klimt Workshop, 2017.

Van Gogh & Cezanne Workshop, 2017.

Picasso workshop, 2018.

Part of the Linda Jacobson Venice Professional Art Forum since September 2017.

For full CV and artist biography, please contact Melissa Grace Klose at

past showings

2016: Palos Verdes Community Art show

Wyoming, Hawaii, and Alaska

2017: Orance County LGBT Center Halloween Art Show

Mexican Proverb Panel, Our Lady of Guadalupe

2017: Palos Verdes Community Art Show

Mark #2

2018: A Stone's Throw from Water: Explorations from Angel's Gate Cultural Center Community Classes

Mark #2, Jennifer, Reed #1

2018: 144 Exhibit at bG Gallery

Antiparos, Jumbo Rocks #1

2018: Palos Verdes Community Art Show

Oia, Santorini, Sisters.

2019: Palos Verdes Community Art Show


2020: Sadie's Holiday Show

Kaulani, Bama Babii, Velvette Bunny, Kelsea Alabama, Rosetta

2021: Pri's Art Salon

Virtual presentation of artwork featuring international female artists.

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